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Document Management and Archives

Quidgest’s Integrated Document Management System

Document Management and Archives

Document and archive management is the basis of any institution’s functioning. Without a clear system of recording and classifying the correspondence received and sent, it is not possible to have a measure of the institution’s work. It’s essential to know the volume and the type of requests also if they were satisfied and the time they took. Institutions have to keep the letters and e-mails sent and received without losing them and have to easily find any letter or e-mail.

Likewise, for a correct management of the work, they have to have a clear notion of the volume of correspondence sent and received by each subject.

Well, document and archive management is a way of organizing all the letters and e-mails that an institution receives or sends, so that it can easily find them when needed. It also allows transforming the letters into digital files, which are easier to store and consult on the computer. It lets you choose who can see each document, to keep your information safe. Thus, document and archive management helps to preserve the history and the people who are part of an institution.

Some advantages of document and archive management are:

  • Web-based system and easy access: Wherever you are you can access your documents and see the tasks that you have in hands.
  • Document digitization. Digital documents do not deteriorate over time or with use also they don’t get lost or forgotten.
  • Document security. Digital documents can only be seen by those who have permission to do so.
  • Control how much time a document takes to be answered. That will show you what needs to be improved.
  • Get Notifications of what you have to do. The system will notify you what documents need to be answered.
  • Measure what kind of documents your institution is treating. See the workload by department, direction or section.
  • Quick search and availability of information. With a system on the internet, it is possible to see the documents anywhere and anytime, without wasting time looking for them.
  • Real and updated numbers, through management indicators, of the tasks performed by the institution. It is possible to know how many letters and e-mails were received or sent, how long it took to respond, and if there was any problem or delay.
  • Better relationship with the public and other institutions by providing a quick and effective response. People who receive letters or e-mails are more satisfied if they are attended to with speed and quality.

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Process Management a customized solution

Process management is a way of organizing the different steps that are necessary to do something. Each institution has its own processes, according to its needs. Process management uses document and archive management to record all the letters and e-mails that are part of a process, but also has other functionalities:

  • Definition and Management of the different phases of the processes. It is possible to know in which phase each process is, what needs to be done next, and who handles it.
  • Registration and scheduling of interviews and phone calls. It is possible to schedule the dates and times of the interviews or phone calls that are part of a process and remember them.
  • Control of deadlines for the process and its individual parts. It is possible to know how much time is left to finish each process or each part of it and avoid delays or fines.
  • Control of access profiles and participants in the processes. It is possible to define who can see or participate in each process, to ensure confidentiality and security.
  • Consultation and printing of various types of listings and statistics. It is possible to see or print lists or graphs with information about the processes, such as number, type, status, time, etc.

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