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Database for the Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum (AMRT-IP)

Database for the Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum (AMRT, I.P) with the objective of preserving all documents and audiovisual interviews related to the national liberation struggle in a digital format, allowing the public and researchers to access the information in an organized manner to learn about and study the history of the national liberation struggle.


The project starts with the creation of a database system for archive and audiovisual management in order to import all the documents that have already been digitized and exist in AMRT. To enable public access, an AMRT website will also be created with a page for searching archive documents.


The creation of such a database can help AMRT to insert new documents into the system and perform their classification, thereby reducing issues of lost or damaged documents due to an insecure location.


  • Consolidates all information such as letters, photos, press materials, videos, audios, and more into a single database.
  • Provides information about national liberation fighters.
  • Controls access to information through the use of access profiles, according to the confidentiality level.
  • Facilitates obtaining a specific document instantly.
  • The public can also access the documents online.