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IPQ – Instituto Português da Qualidade

Strategic Management Support

The Instituto Português da Qualidade (IPQ) is a public institute whose mission is to coordinate the Portuguese Quality System (PQS) and other regulatory qualification systems. It promotes and coordinates activities that contribute to demonstrating the credibility of economic agents and the development of other functions such as being a national standardization body and a national metrology institution.

Given its diverse functions, it became necessary to adopt an effective work methodology that would provide a balanced and integrated view of the institute.


The main reason for adopting the system was to quickly visualize results and ensure that the entire team was aligned and motivated to work towards common strategic objectives. This involved implementing and monitoring necessary activities to correct any deviations.


The Quidgest® BSC (Balanced Scorecard) is an information system that supports strategic management. Its main goal is to ensure the effectiveness of planning, communication, execution, monitoring, and control of the organizational strategy. The tool allows access to all information as a whole, while also enabling decentralized access with collaborative modifications.


The implementation of the Quidgest BSC application allowed IPQ to:

  • Structure the strategy based on the mission, vision, stakeholders, finance, innovation, learning, processes, and resources.
  • Continuously monitor performance through indicators collected at varying intervals.
  • Train organizational units in providing information to the system, ensuring that elements related to each objective/indicator are obtained correctly and on time.
  • Conduct critical performance reviews.
  • Record corrective actions in case of unfavorable indicator trends and approach activities’ occurrences and results from a perspective of continuous improvement.

IPQ highly values the collaboration provided by Quidgest, recognizing their ongoing and helpful support, as well as their availability and professionalism in providing clarifications throughout the practical application of the tool and in problem resolution.

Jorge dos Santos, President of IPQ