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Database System of the Register of National Liberation Combatants and Pensions.

The CLN (Combatants of National Liberation) Database is one of the largest systems in Timor-Leste.

Initiated in late 2006, it contains 200,000 questionnaires and 65,000 pension application processes.

All questionnaires, pension processes, beneficiary identification, complaints, correction forms, etc., are digitized. Therefore, with around 20 million pages of digitized documents, it is undoubtedly the largest digitization effort in Timor-Leste.

The system processes approximately 7 million dollars monthly, making it the largest pension management system in the country. The system has already gathered over 4 million payment receipts.

We have the direct testimony of thousands of people who know that the services provided by the Ministry can find and provide all the requested information efficiently and accurately within seconds.

The CLN Database System, which includes the National Liberation Combatants’ Register and Pensions, is proof that Timor-Leste can be at the forefront worldwide in the use of information systems.