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EMGFA – Estado Maior General das Forças Armadas

Integrated Document Management

Estado Maior General das Forças Armadas (EMGFA – General Staff of the Armed Forces) is integrated into the Direct Administration of the State through the Ministry of Defense. EMGFA’s general mission is to plan, direct, and control the use of Armed Forces in the fulfillment of missions and operational tasks they are related with, as well as to guarantee the operation of Institute of Superior Military Studies and Armed Forces Hospital.

Apart from that, is it the Portuguese Army Headquarters. It counts with all the structures and capacities for supporting the Military Staff Chief in their functions.

EMGFA recognized the need for a computer solution that would enable the proper management and storage of all correspondence processed within its organizational structure.


The objective was to streamline processes and procedures, enabling real-time control of the flow of processes. This would allow users to plan more accurately and provide quicker responses regarding document flow and specific documents.


The proposed document management solution by Quidgest enables the management (recording, storage, and retrieval) of all information produced and circulated within EMGFA in a comprehensive manner. It also provides control over response times and facilitates faster task completion.


The implemented solution has facilitated more efficient management of information flows within EMGFA. Supported by a technological information platform that delivers significant gains in efficiency and effectiveness, the agency claims to have reduced costs by 30% after implementing the Quidgest system.

“In expressing our opinion about the Quidgest team that has worked with us over the past two years, we confirm their competence and commitment to the support provided. Their consistency in friendliness and affability is remarkable. These qualities, along with their continuous availability, have resulted in our technical satisfaction with all the support and clarifications we have requested. This team has demonstrated professionalism and instilled confidence, which we consider essential for those installing and providing support for an information system that supports the command and leadership of our organization. “

António José Alves do Sacramento, EMGFA Head of Systems and Information Technologies Department.