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Customized Software personalized to your specific needs

Quidgest is a company that specializes in creating customized software solutions for various industries and sectors. we use a generative AI platform called Genio, which allows them to model the software requirements and generate code automatically. This way, they can deliver complex and unique solutions in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional software development methods.

In Timor-Leste Quidgest has adapt his systems of Human Resources Management and Document Management for better respond to Timor reality.

Also in Timor Quidgest developed full customized software:

Some of the benefits of using Quidgest’s customized software solutions are:

  • Future-ready, meaning they can adapt to changing needs and technologies easily.
  • Humanized, meaning they enhance the user experience and interaction with the software.
  • They are sustainable, meaning they reduce the environmental impact and resource consumption of software development and maintenance.
  • Durable, meaning they are reliable and robust, ensuring high performance and quality.
  • Automated, meaning they eliminate manual errors and inefficiencies, increasing productivity and accuracy.

Quidgest has developed more than 600 information systems for over 200 clients in various domains, such as government, banking, healthcare, engineering, and global management.

Contact us for a demonstration of our capacity in tailored software that fits your specific needs..