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CCDR-Alentejo – Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo

Performance optimization

Alentejo Regional Development Coordination Commission (CCDR Alentejo) is a peripheral service of Presidency of the Council of Ministers, under the joint direction of Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Minister of Environment, Planning, Territory and Energy. Its mission is to ensure the coordination and articulation of the different sectoral policies of a regional scope, as well as to execute the policies of the environment, land use planning and cities and technically support the local autonomies and their associations in their respective geographical area.

CCDR Alentejo optimizes the performance of the organization with an integrated scorecard system (Balanced Scorecard)


Integrated scorecard system (BSC) is a model that disciplines and systematizes strategic thinking, which is why CCDR Alentejo chose it as a methodology to support strategic management. Another target was that the entire organization could understand it and that everyone committed to improving its functioning. It was also important that everyone knew the strengths and weaknesses of the organization to improve yields and contribute to the achievement of the established goals and the expected results.


PMIS (Personnel Management Information System) allows to know the whole public administration, each organism and public servant. The different bodies have online access to the system and it is regulated so a manager can only consult the servants under their responsibility.


Quidgest BSC is a strategic management system whose function is to guarantee the effectiveness of the planning, communication, execution, monitoring and control of the organizational strategy.

“Quidgest team proved to be a very dynamic, professional, available and efficient team in the resolution of difficulties felt in the initial phase of project implementation. The scientific domain of the topics addressed, the capacity to transmit knowledge and techniques, as well as the excellent perception of the way our organization operates, were equally well-known. These competences resulted in the total satisfaction of our expectations and in the fulfillment of the proposed objectives.”

Rui Mendes, CCDR Alentejo Vice President