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CITE – Comissão para a Igualdade no Trabalho e no Emprego

System for transparency in financing

The Committee for Equality at Work and Employment is a collegiate body, tripartite and equilateral, formed by a Ministry representative with competence in the employment area, one from the equality area, another from public administration, another in the solidarity and social welfare area, two representatives from each worker’s union represented in the Standing Committee for Social Concertation (2 from CGTP-IN and 2 from UGT) and a representative for each employer’s organization with representation in the mentioned committee (1 from CCP, 1 from CIP, 1 from CAP and 1 from CTP).

It is possible to estimate a reduction in operating costs by 50% over the period prior to the implementation of the system


The development of the Portal of the Financing Entities was born in 2016 of a need identified by CITE to be able to easily consult the records on judicial convictions of organizations for violating the rights of pregnant and lactating workers. This resulted in the creation of an online consultation system. This proceeding is essential to avoid giving funds to companies that not accomplish the equality and non-discrimination legislation in force.


A new generation web portal accessible from any personal computer, tablet or smartphone, secure and easy to use for browsing and uploading data.


The average productivity of the CITE technicians involved in the process has been increased by simplifying the processing of information resulting from increased speed in the execution of operations and by reducing the errors through the validation and automatic completion mechanisms.

“Quidgest showed a good capacity to respond to the needs throughout the process, as well as a good understanding of what was intended to be done”.

Joana Gíria – President of the Committee for Equality at work and Employment.